RISE is a 5-year global project sponsored by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). RISE works with countries towards attaining and maintaining epidemic control with stronger local partners capable of managing and achieving results through sustainable, self-reliant, and resilient health systems by 2024. Its consortium partners are positioned to provide service delivery, technical assistance, and health system support to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.


RISE India is providing technical assistance to respond to the urgency, acuity and magnitude of the
second wave of COVID-19 pandemic and future surges by improving and enhancing critical care
and medical management, robust oxygen ecosystem, vaccine coverage, laboratory strengthening
and bio-medical waste management to manage the surge, while supporting the states in building
a resilient and responsive health system that is well-prepared to handle similar future threats.

Key Interventions

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Critical Care and Medical Management

Enhancing competencies of pool of providers to adhere to evidence-based practices during COVID-19 pandemic and strengthen institutional excellence by using innovative strategies to ensure effective transfer of learning through Hub and Spoke Model through a network of facilities and providers that share knowledge and resources with each other.


Model COVID Care Clinics

Triaging and Care-based Management

Optimizing Care Management Capacities of Facilities

Implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and Management Protocols

Develop Tech-enabled Simulation Centric Competency Enhancement Ecosystem

Establishing a network of Tech-enabled skill/ simulation labs

Competency Enhancement of Critical Care Providers

Competency and skill building of healthcare workforce deployed in Critical Care Provision areas (ICUs and HDUs)

Technical Assistance for Operationalization of ICUs

Facilitation of Adult and Pediatric ICUs operationalization through provisioned of ICU operationalization toolkit

Readiness Assessment

Identifying gaps and assessing preparedness for management of any future surges in respiratory illness

Laboratory Strengthening

Objective: Enhance the capacity of existing RT-PCR enabled laboratories to increase and enhance testing for COVID-19 infections in INDIA


Digital Tools for Improving Efficiencies

Develop and deliver mobile and desktop digital applications which will record and report results to patients

Operationalization of Whole Genome Sequencing Sampling

Provide comprehensive training to personnel in good laboratory practices for collecting and transporting SARS-COV2 positive samples to sequencing facilities

Optimization of Lab Practices

USAID RISE in partnership with FIND has optimized existing molecular testing laboratories to increase their testing capacities in a district each in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Odisha and Punjab

Competency Enhancement of Lab Personnel

Use the Learning Resource Package (LRP) to developed a pool of skilled microbiologists in RISE network of facilities

Technical Assistance for Operationalization of new Next Generation Genome Sequencing Labs and RT-PCR Labs

USAID RISE willprovide technical assistance to establish new RT-PCR laboratories to enable molecular testing of SARS-COV2 infection. The project is also establishing and supporting a number of NGS laboratories at identified RISE network of facilities to aid and enable SARS-COV2 genomic surveillance

Readiness Assessment

Detailed situational analysis of molecular testing laboratories to identify gaps in testing processes


To improve COVID-19 vaccination coverage in the network of RISE facilities through strengthening vaccine service delivery, enhancing involvement of private sector, improving AEFI management system and building vaccine confidence


Sentiment Analysis and Building Competencies of Identified Cities through Social Media Campaigns

RISE will be supporting identified cities within the RISE network through social media campaigns to counter disinformation by analysing the sentiment towards COVID vaccine

Improving Vaccine Confidence

Improving vaccine confidence in the community by mitigating misinformation and vaccine hesitancy by evidence-backed accurate information

Post Vaccine Safety Surveillance

Piloting stimulated passive surveillance and digital analytics through machine learning for improved and transparent identification, reporting and management of Adverse Events Following Immunization

Model Vaccination Centers

To ensure high-quality vaccination services, these centers follow the COVID appropriate behavior guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), and respective state governments.

Readiness Assessment and System Strengthening

Conducting vaccination center assessments, identifying key issues and strengthening COVID-19 vaccination activities in RISE network of facilities through ‘Hub and Spoke’ model

Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) and Bio-Medical Waste (BMW) Management

RISE India is working towards strengthening the BMW management capacity in the network of the RISE facilities in adherence to universally accepted environment friendly guidelines, enabled and competent health workforce, better utilization of available services in public and private sector and a demonstrated sustainable system.


Comprehensive Learning Resource Packages

Dedicated cadre-based Learning Resource Packages incorporating the adult learning principles, instructional design, VARK (Visual, Auditory, Reading and Kinaesthetic) learning styles which will be curated from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India guidelines, World Health Organization and Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR)

Implementation of COVID-19 SOPs and Guidelines

Aiming to contain infectious waste at source with proper segregation, collection and transport towards safe disposal as per latest guidelines via refresher, IEC materials in vernacular languages and facility level Infection Prevention Control Committees

Establishing Demonstration Sites for Competency and Skill Enhancement on IPC and BMW Management

Demonstration sites at identified regional/ state Hubs for demonstrating ideal IPC and BMW management practices to enhance the competency and skills of staff in RISE network of facilities

Competency Enhancement of Healthcare Providers

Using ‘Hub and Spoke’ model, competency enhancement of relevant cadres of health care workers in RISE network of facilities will be done

Technical Assistance in Improving IPC and BMW Capacities

Technical assistance to state and regional level institutes including RISE Hubs through Department of Hospital Administration (AIIMS, New Delhi and USAID RISE team)

Readiness Assessment

Using a pre-set checklist, RISE team is assessing facilities within its network on competency enhancement of human resources, adherence to guidelines, availability of essential logistics for safe collection, storage and transportation of Bio-Medical Waste

Oxygen Ecosystem

Build a resilient and self-reliant health system with a strengthened oxygen ecosystem prepared to respond to the future waves of COVID-19.


Digital Solution for Tracking Oxygen Demand and Supply

Facilitating demand modelling and appropriate use

Pilot Booster Pump Model and National Oxygen Grids

Demonstrating sustainable use of oxygen resources

Competency Enhancement of Oxygen Technicians and Healthcare Providers

Promoting rational use of medical oxygen through competent providers

Ensuring Quality of Medical Oxygen

Promoting the use of safe medical oxygen

Technical Assistance for Operationalization and Maintenance of Oxygen Delivery Devices and Medical Gas Pipeline System

Ensuring continued operationalization of Oxygen Devices

Readiness Assessment

Understand the underlying gaps and challenges in healthcare workforce capacity and system level determinants


Collaborative cross-sectoral partnerships with public, private and faith-based organizations to scale-up and amplify response capabilities for a robust and resilient health system